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Women leadership roles for you on campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.


You finally made it!

After strutting across the stage, accepting your diploma and pitching your cap high into the air, you are now officially a high school graduate and can’t wait to begin your journey at OK State. Fast forward a year or two and some might consider you the master of college life, but can your resume say the same? Involvement in today’s society is an essential key to success no matter what field you’re in. There are amazing opportunities for involvement all over campus; all you have to do is take advantage of them!


Personally, I have found that leadership is the best way to put yourself out there on campus. Given essential skills of communication, group work ethics and individuality, leadership prepares you for the real world by connecting with others effectively. Everyone needs people skills seeing as we come into contact with people day after day.


Some organizations to look into for leadership are Residential Leadership College (RLC) and hall government. RLC, which is also a social outlet, discusses the standards and expectations of a leader in today’s community. RLC helps you see what role you can play in being a leader on campus through helping you question the purpose and importance of leadership. You will soon realize that contributing to your community and building relationships with others is linked closely with success. Hall government is also a great and easy way to get involved. As secretary for my hall government, I have learned that values like responsibility, acceptance and community are important.


The Student Union Activities Board is a great place to find organizations interests. With programing opportunities for any student. Especially for women, campus organizations offer many opportunities for women to excel. Once you figure out your interests or what you’d like to incorporate into your college experience, the search for involvement becomes much smoother. Knowing what you’d like to do as an occupation is also beneficial in your search.


And finally, an internship or two is the perfect final touch to a well-rounded resume and college experience. Using the tools you’ve learned from leadership and groups concerning your interest, internships allow you to apply your knowledge and prove your capability. They are the icing on the cake to landing a job! Whether it’s paid or unpaid the experience and growth of expertise is the crucial factor in this involvement.


Don’t get discouraged if these things take time to develop. It would be nice to live on Easy Street, however, hard work and persistence will always present rewards in the end. So don’t waste anymore time, get out there and show ‘em what you got!