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Women and Climbing

Does homework and studying make you feel like climbing the walls in your dorm?

The Colvin recreation center offers a special event, Women and Climbing, every Thursday evening from 7 to 9. It’s free to women; all it requires is a signed waiver, which is available at the rock wall. Then you can release your inner monkey.  

There is trained staff supervising the event to insure your harness is on correctly and to be in control of your ropes. You do not even have to provide shoes, chalk or a harness; the Colvin, provides everything free of charge.

Shawnie Wendall, an Animal Science student, has participated in Women in Climbing several times.

“It is something different than lifting weights,” Wendall says. “Women in Climbing is a good gathering for girls on Thursday nights and it’s free!”

Rock climbing is a beneficial workout because it targets a variety of muscle groups. As a climber, you engage your core to keep balance, your calves and gluteus to push up to the next level, and your arms, shoulders, and back to pull yourself up.

An added incentive is rock climbing engages critical thinking to plan your path to get to the top and triumphantly ring the bell.

Casey Perkins, an Animal Science student, is no amateur to the field of rock climbing.

“Not only is it a good workout, but it is something fun to do with friends,” Perkins says.

Scared of heights but still want to try? Come anyway! Bouldering is also available at the Colvin. Bouldering does not even require a harness. You simply climb a smaller portion of the wall and it gives you a good taste of how to grip the handles and conquer the rock.

Amanda Goldstein, an Animal Science pre-vet student, enjoys bouldering.

“I can’t stand heights, but I like the satisfaction of climbing the rocks,” Goldstein says.

We all want to connect and spend quality time with our sisters, roommates and girlfriends; instead of heading out for ice cream go have fun at Women and Climbing. It’s free, fun and won’t cost you any extra calories!

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