Why You Should Watch "The Mandalorian"

Season Two of “The Mandalorian” dropped yesterday (Oct. 30) and I still haven’t recovered from my excitement. If you don’t know what “The Mandalorian” is, I’m a little shocked at what you’ve been missing. 

“The Mandalorian” is a show about family, the idea between nature vs nurture, and so much more. It follows a Mandalorian (or ‘Mando’ as he’s often called) who’s a bounty hunter and was given the task to capture the Child (Baby Yoda) and hand it over to the Empire but choosing instead to save the Child and be on the run. 

This Disney+ show has captured the attention of countless fans of Star Wars, both old and new. Tons of memes about “The Mandalorian” have been uploaded online since the show began streaming in fall of 2019 and there will be more incoming as the new season arrives.

As a new Star Wars fan, I didn’t know what to expect when I first started watching this show back in 2019. I was expecting a show about the usual lone gunslinger who didn’t show any expression except intimidation. I was only half-wrong since there is so much more to this character as well as the show. 

Throughout the first season, you see Mando being gruff and intimidating but he becomes more affectionate towards the Child and basically becomes its ‘Dad-alorian’, as my friend affectionately calls it. I’m excited to see how their father-son relationship would change in the new season.

This show also takes older fans of Star Wars through nostalgic trips as there are Easter eggs every episode that a new fan like me didn’t catch onto. The visual effects are also out of this world (pun intended) where some scenes even had me thinking they used an actual Sandcrawler on set. The amount of work and love that went into this series shows that it was made by fans of Star Wars for fans of Star Wars.

Overall, this show has the excitement, the nostalgia, and even the feels that everyone would love. If you’re feeling bored on a Friday afternoon, I’d recommend watching a new episode of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+.