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What’s on Your Christmas List?

Ipads, Iphones, and Kindell’s, oh my! This is what is mostly on everyone’s Christmas list. Well everyone, except for me.

I could deal without the fancy technological things because what I want on my Christmas list is worth far more than the hundreds of thousands of dollars that is spent on these luxurious items.

There is a song that I love listening to called, “My Grown Up Christmas List.” It talks about a girl wanting wars to stop, love to be the main thing we think about, right to win over wrong, and everyone to have a friend.

This song speaks a message that reminds me of what Christmas should be about. Christmas is the time when we should think of those not as fortunate so we can spread holiday cheer to those who truly need it. When asking around what other people wanted, they responded with mostly material things that wouldn’t last I was not surprised, but I was also disappointed in a way. Disappointed because we have so much, and some people don’t even have half of what we have. So basically, my question is, What’s On Your Christmas List? Hopefully, something more than a present that starts with the letter I.

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