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What Living In A Sorority House Has Taught Me

Coming to Oklahoma State University, I knew I wanted to go through recruitment and finding my home in Zeta Tau Alpha has helped me enjoy my college experience and grow in so many ways! This year as a sophomore I lived in the Zeta house with about 65 other girls. As the year is coming to an end, I’m reflecting back on my time in house and I’m actually sad to move out. For Zeta, your sophomore year you live with your pledge class and the executive members of the sorority. Here are a few things living in house has taught me:

1. Living in house with so many other girls has taught me the importance of being intentional. Being surrounded by so many people doesn’t mean you don’t get lonely. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It taught me how much a simple hello or smile to one of sisters can really brighten someones day. Everyone is dealing with their own issues everyday, and when you feel the love from another zista it helps remind you that everything will be okay. We’ve all been sick, bombed tests and so many others things this past school year, and I know my sisters are the reason all the annoying things have made little impact on me.

2. The importance of pranks. There have been so many pranks pulled on each other, including a fake black spider that would show up in girls’ beds, and the heavy stone statue of our patron goddess Themis moving all over the house and showing up in the most random places, like showers, beds, kitchenettes. There really never has been a dull moment, because there is always something to be laughing and smiling about.

4.The importance of relationships. Pictured above were my roommates first semester. Katie on the right, I was already super good friends with. But Ellie and Sophia I didn’t know as well, and now after living with them I can honestly say they are two of my best friends. Living in house has given me the opportunity to becomes close friends with girls I may not have otherwise. Each one of my sisters is so uniquely different, and I appreciate their qualities so much. We have singers, athletes and book worms, and all the in-between. I’ve spent time with all of my sisters and they provide me with so much love. I know we would all do anything for each other, now and for the rest of our lives. Living in house has taught me that home isn’t a place and a place won’t give you happiness, but people can. Relationships with people and the work you put into them will provide you with happiness and fulfillment. People are your home, and appreciating them is so important. 

5. The importance of seizing the moment. School is obviously important, and that is why we’re here at OSU, but making time for other things is also important. The times I stayed up late to watch a movie, or went out with my friends are the moments I’m going to look back on and be thankful for. I have so many memories of laughing or crying in the Zeta house and I will treasure them and the people in them always.


Living for the adventure and loving others.
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