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Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind and Thoughts

In this season of being a college woman, the stressors are falling one after another. It is getting incredibly difficult to find time to decrease the pressures of daily life. I find myself filling every second with things I need to get done instead of taking a few moments to clear my head. I am not a person that can go without alone time. I am an introvert that needs these quick self-involved moments. These are a few ways that I take the time to de-clutter and spring clean my thoughts.


Journaling is an amazing way to get out unwanted thoughts. A bullet journal is always a fun way to get your creativity flowing, but I have found that it can be stressful to someone who is a perfectionist. So my advice would be to start slow with a normal journal and just write out what is weighing heavy on your mind.

Make Intentional Quiet Time

This is one that I struggle doing myself, but I know when I take time to think and calm down I feel much better about everything. I use the few seconds I get alone thinking and talking things out with myself.

Let It Go

If there is something that you need to tell or someone you need to talk to then get it done. A lot of the time these little things can be a burden and weigh heavy on our shoulders. I find that I struggle with keeping things to myself ad letting these things push me away from people.  It is much easier to talk things out than hold everything inside.

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