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Top 10 Apps for College Women

As college women we are usually glued to our phones. Between keeping in constant contact with friends and checking up on social media apps, we can’t seem to put our smartphones down. So why not channel that cellular addiction toward something productive? These 10 apps are ideal for the on-the-go collegiate.

1. iStudiezPro: The time management app. Time management is a problem college women can relate to. Class schedules, homework deadlines, extracurricular activities, grades and upcoming tests are difficult to keep track of. iStudiezPro is the app that can manage all of that. It can do anything from counting down until your next test, to reminding you to finish your homework. iStudiezPro is the ultimate app for scheduling management.

2. Share Your Board: To take notes Share Your Board is the app for all those who can’t stand to take notes. If you can’t concentrate on a lecture while scrambling to get down everything on the board, or if your hand is always cramping up in the middle of copying something down, then this is the app for you. Why spend all of your time racing to get the last sentence down when Share Your Board gives you the easy way out. Just take a picture of any white board and the app will adjust the photo to give you a clear picture of the board. You’ll love the time saved using this app.

3. Study Buddy: Your accountability partner. Distractions can easily get the best of your study time. Getting back on track to studying after those distractions can be even harder. Study Buddy records each time you get on your phone while studying and logs the distraction on a study efficiency graph to show you how focused you are, and to remind you to get back on track. It’s easier to keep your eyes on the books when you can look back on every time you took a break.

4. Quizlet: The flashcard app. Flashcards, quizzes and memory games are all great ways to study. Rather than toting around a stack of flashcards in your purse, download the Quizlet app and take your study guide with you everywhere you go. Create multiple flashcard sets and study them in between classes, or turn those sets into quizzes and practice for a test while you wait in line at the store.

5. iProcrastinate: To organize your life. This app is a life-savior for those who put everything off until the last minute. iProcrastinate lets students create organized to-do lists and includes the steps it takes to complete each task. It allows students to set each task at a different priority level and breaks them down for users to feel less overwhelmed.

6. Evernote: The note-taking app. This app lets you store all of your notes into different files for each class that you can access from the internet on your computer as well. Evernote brings together note files, pictures, web pages and photos all into one place,making it easy to find whatever you need.

7. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: To help you sleep. Well-rested is not a term thrown around to describe college students. When your red bull and extra shot lattes fail you, turn to the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock to feel energized and awake. This app monitors your sleep patterns throughout the night to detect your movements to sound your alarm in your lightest sleep phase so you wake up feeling rested. All you do is set the alarm within 30 minutes of when you need to wake up, and it will go off at the best possible time for you.

8. Language Coach: Your foreign language professor. This foreign language aid is perfect for practicing those vocabulary words you can’t quite pronounce or remember. Each of the 29 foreign languages programmed into this application use a native speaker to pronounce vocabulary terms from a list of more than 2,100 words. There are various practice exercises to help in memorization, as well.

9. Exam Support: This app uses “guided audio meditation” to help you focus and improve concentration. Exam support is ideal for beating the stress of an upcoming exam. It is a great mind refresher and keeps those rising anxiety levels at bay.

10. Diigo: To save web pages. The Diigo app allows you to save web pages for later offline reading. Need to catch up on some online reading for class, but know you’ll be in a no service zone later? Use this app to save website pages to read anywhere and anytime.

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