Tips For Dressing When the Weather is Tempermental

Have you noticed how when you are on your way to your 9:00am class it feels like fall, but when you're on your way home from a 3:30pm class, it still feels like the middle of summer??

We all know how frustrating it can be to prepare a great outfit for the warm weather and then be cold, or an outfit for the cool weather and then be hot, so I'm here to give you a few tips on what to wear when the weather can't decide what season it wants to be.

1. Start with a tried and true basic.

(photo via Urban Outfitters)

A simple white tank is a sure fire place to start when you can't predict the weather. Plus it goes with everything! (Add a strappy bralette for extra points)

2. Don't pack up your sundresses yet!

(photo via RDuJour)

Even though the weather may be getting cooler, we aren't quite to fall/winter yet. Sun dresses are great transition pieces for this time of year with a cardigan on top and the sleeves pulled up.

3. Use your outerwear piece two different ways

(photo via

The first way of course, is to just wear it as intended. Alternatively, you can wear it around your waist! That way, you stay warm in the brisk mornings, and then look cool in the afternoons!

4. Become best friends with your cardigan (photo via

A cardigan can be layered over literally anything and they're still breathable. 


Just think about the tempermental weather this way: You can incorporate your favorite pieces from all of the seasons together! It's not so bad.