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Tips for your Freshman Year in College 


  • Going to college is your chance to improve yourself and to be different. If you were shy in high school and want to change and be more social then this will be your chance to do so. 

  •  Get involved around campus because you’ll never know who you’ll become friends with. 

  • Have fun and go to one of the football games or even basketball because there will be new chants you’ll learn and you’ll have a great time. 




  •  Make new friends while in college because you’re here for a long time and its nice to have someone to hang with or count on. 

  • You can have dinner with your friends or even a study session. 

  • We all need someone who we can sometimes vent to or someone who could even help us with our homework!



  • Join an organization. It’s definitely recommended to join an organization related to your career because you’ll get lots of help and make connections throughout your time in college. 

  • Also if you have the time, explore other organizations whether it’s related to your hobby or maybe an interest or skill. THERE’S SO MANY OUT THERE! 



  • Honestly this couldn’t be stressed enough. Coming to college you need to learn to balance your school work, work, study times, and hanging with your friends.   

  • Try not to become so stressed by having your week planned out and knowing your priorities for the week. 

  • Invest in a planner or calendar. 



  • Take advantage & use your professor’s office hours and go to tutors. A lot of stuff including tutors is included in your college fees, so get tutors while you need them! 

  • Go to the gym. Whether you’re stressed or want to work out, enjoy your gym time. Some colleges also include a gym membership in their fees, so check more into your college and find out.  

  • Check out the classes offered at the gym. There could be  yoga classes or even dance classes to dance your stress away! 




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