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Tess Maune: Beyond the Camera

Fate and chance changed reporter Tess Maune’s life and gave her a dream job at News on 6 in Tulsa, Okla.

Six years ago, Tess was an Oklahoma State University student dreaming of sharing stories with the world just like many other broadcasting students.

Tess said as an Oklahoma native her fascination with TV news developed when she couldn’t take her eyes off the Oklahoma City Murrah bombing coverage. Someone that can watch such a tragic story and still aspire to be like those reporters truly does have passion. She took this passion and chose to impact people that same way.

Tess worked for three years as a reporter and producer in Arkansas, then six months in Oklahoma City as a producer before taking a short break from the news business. The break just proved to her where her heart was though, which was when she landed her reporting gig at News on 6.

Now, I must reveal my secret before I go any further. I had the honor of seeing Tess work this summer, while I interned at News on 6. I must rave about how professional and fun a station they are, and Tess is a prime representation of News on 6!

For example, Tess and another reporter, Lacy Lowry were offered the chance to go noodling (a type of fishing) from one of the meteorologist at News on 6. Not only did the girls do a story over it, they noodled as well. The story showed the girls flirting with the guides and fearlessly reaching their hands in holes in hopes of catching a large fish. The story was full of character and personality. And Tess said it was the most fun story she has ever done, so overall a great idea!

However the job is not all fun and glamorous. Tess said the best advice she could say is that reporting is more than being on TV or being famous.

“It’s about finding a way to relate and connect to every person you meet and helping them tell their story. “

Tess did share with me one insistence that had her in tears. A few days ago she was sent on a story about a little girl that was hit and killed in a crosswalk. Of course, she wanted to talk to the parents. And reporters are human (not vultures or insensitive, like some people like to say), so naturally she was scared to approach them. And as she talked to the mother, she held her hand and cried for her.

Behind the camera Tess and many other reporters are just like anyone else. They get bad haircuts, they have celebrity crushes and they have best friends. Just like Tess loves Ryan Gosling and Eddie Sutton, and her best friends would say she was always running a little bit late (when she isn’t on deadline, of course).

Another aspect viewers don’t understand is reporters are constantly on-call and don’t work a typical 9 to 5 day. So, as an intern I allowed this to create some fear, but Tess said that it wouldn’t interfere with personal relationships if you don’t let it. To me, that that makes perfect sense!

Tess being 27 years young has much more reporting to do and many more stories to tell!

I am a senior at Oklahoma State University. My major is Multimedia Journalism with a minor in leadership. I aspire to be a news anchor or work for a fashion magazine, I am honestly open to any kind of journalism though. I am the Her Campus correspondent for OSU. I interned for News on 6 in Tulsa, Okla this summer and I loved every second of it. Basically, I am just a fun-loving girl who loves her friends and family. The only expectations I have for the future is to be happy.
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