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Stop Being Afraid of the Weights at the Gym

So often, I'll hear girls talking about working out and how they can be intimidated by the gym and starting to lift weights.  But I'm here to tell you that weightlifting is such an important part of any fitness routine. You don't have to worry about getting too buff or looking manly because of your muscles: our testosterone levels aren't high enough for that. By adding weights and resistance training to your workouts, your body composition will start to change. As you build more muscle, that muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat and you will burn more calories while doing everyday activities. 

Ready to start but don't know where?

The internet is your best friend! You can find beginner weightlifting routines with a quick Google search and there are YouTube tutorials for any moves. 

Ask your gym's trainer. As a personal trainer, I love when people come up to me and ask for advice. Most trainers are in the field because we genuinely love working out and helping others improve their health. If you're not sure how to use equipment, don't be afraid to just ask for a little help.

Ann is a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in nutritional sciences. She is also a personal trainer and in her free time likes to relax and watch movies.
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