Stoney vs. Beerbongs & Bentleys

About a year and a half ago, Post Malone released his album, Stoney. As you all probably know, Post Malone recently released another album, Beerbongs & Bentleys, on April 27, 2018. Each album has 18 songs, with several featuring other artists in the music industry.

Post's song lyrics for both albums mostly revolve around living life as a rich celebrity and breakups. However, since Post Malone has certainly changed after accumulating more fame and wealth over the past year and a half, the tone of his lyrics have also changed.

In the Stoney album, an extremely popular song included is "Congratulations". This reflects the fast fame Post gained after uploading "White Iverson" on Sound Cloud, and receiving attention from millions, including Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, overnight. Growing up, Post Malone always loved music, and moved to L.A. shortly after graduating high school to pursue his dream of becoming a famous artist. "Congratulations" is a song describing the pay off of his hard work, and the doubt that other people had for his dreams before he reached success. Songs like "Rockstar" and "Paranoid" in the Beerbongs & Bentleys album reflect how engulfed Post Malone has become in his rich and famous lifestyle, describing the luxuries he now has access to as well as the anxiety he experiences due to constantly being under a close watch and experiencing family and friends treating him differently since his life has changed. 

As for the relationship songs in these albums, Post still sings about missing a past lover in Beerbongs & Bentleys just like he did in his last album; but this time there seems to be a change in his attitude. This is exemplified by his song, "Stay". A popular song called "I Fall Apart" in the Stoney Album lets his listeners understand the extreme heartbreak Post Malone has gone through from a past breakup. In this song, he describes himself as completely devastated after losing this girl. In contrast, "Stay" shows that although Post would still always be there for her, he is ready to let go and move on.

However, you should not let all of these breakup songs Post Malone has recently released fool you into thinking falsely about his relationship status. He may have had some hard break ups in the past, but he is now in a happy relationship with his girlfriend of 3 years, Ashlen Diaz. 

If you would like to follow her on social media, her Twitter is @mynameisashlen, and her Instagram is @ashcash.

And if you haven't listened to Stoney and Beerbongs & Bentleys, I would highly recommend checking them out.