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Winter is here to stay, ladies, and it’s only getting more brutal.


Even though the weather outside is frightful (and icy, and slippery, and arctic), you can still look DELIGHTFUL by revamping your wardrobe a bit to stay warm and stylish!

Here are a few pieces you should implement into your winter staples that can add to any look while keeping you nice and toasty!


1.     Headwear!

bow and pearl headwrap ; tribal headwrap ; fuzzy earmuffs ; black beanie

Beanies, headwraps, and earmuffs are all winter-weather essentials! They’ll add a little something to your ensemble while keeping your ears from turning red and going painfully numb. They’re a must-have! 


2. Fur Accents!

Fur gloves ; fur-lined boots ; fur vest ; fur infinity scarf ; fur beanie

Fur is ALL the rage right now! I personally have my own fur infinity scarf, and let me tell you–it is one of the BEST accessories in my closet right now. It’s warm and glam! All of these furry fashions will keep you warm while giving your look a bit of glamour. 


3. Boots!

tall brown boots ; tall black boots ; short brown boots ; short black boots

Boots are popular through fall and winter, and for good reason! Investing in a trendy, but WARM pair of boots is one of the smartest decisions you can make, especially given that you’ll be doing a lot of walking around campus! 

4. Stylish Outerwear!

Pink coat ; faux leather jacket ; fur-collar jacket

DROP THAT NORTHFACE or PATAGONIA! Although those are warm choices, they don’t go with much besides a t-shirt and a pair of leggings! Try going for something that is both warm and trendy by expanding your horizons–the jacket/coat possibilities are endless. 

5. Cableknit!

beanie ; infinity scarf ; sweater ; brown socks ; pink socks

Cableknit is classic–it’s here to stay, forever and always (I hope). If you don’t have any cableknit in your wardrobe yet, you’ve been doing winter wrong. This fabric is heavy, it’s dense, and it’s intricate! It keeps you warm and toasty AND it’s stylish. Cableknit isn’t going anywhere (and apparently, neither is this weather), so you may as well stock up!!


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