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A Soldier In The Making

What does it mean to set the standard here at OSU, to go beyond what is required of you to help out others, and to even change the rules to benefit the world?

Meet Logan Wilson, a man who does just that!


Sacrifice, Humility, and Perseverance are all qualities Logan Wilson carries with him, as he continues his junior year here at Oklahoma State. From leaving Fort Worth, Texas, Logan came to OSU, where he currently is studying Management Information Systems with an option in Information Insurance.

While here, he is currently involved in Air Force ROTC and a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, where he has earned many accomplishments in both such as ranking top of his ROTC class, and having the honor of being invited to LEAD ( also known as Field Training), for ROTC.

After college, Logan plans to continue his career as a Officer in the United States Air Force, and hopes to either set his career path as a Pilot or a Combat Systems Officer. By now, you might be wondering why he choose the military as his career path? After asking, he stated, " I see the military as a way to give back to society, to self-sacrifice myself for the benefit of others."

Humble is what I would call Logan Wilson, especially listening to him speak on his legacy here at OSU. He stated,

" I want to be remembered as someone who really cared about the community, a friend, a person that people can always rely on. As a person who was excelling at different areas within scholarship, ROTC, my fraternity, and within the community. I don't put to much on fame and glory, but if I had to leave a legacy it would to be more self-less than selfish."

Besides being a leader, Logan also has thought about leading on the internet with one day creating a YouTube channel for African-Americans in the military." When I get on YouTube, I don't see many African-Americans on there in the military. I've always thought about vlogging my life to inspire others." Maybe one day we will catch Logan on YouTube!

Logan Wilson, a soldier in the making, but also a man who is willing to set new standards for the betterment of others, and I think one of the coolest people I have met here at OSU.

To anyone who is reading, what I have learned from this interview is to not take life so seriously, and to live everyday to the fullest. One more day is a chance to make a difference, so lets all take Logan's advice, and make the best out of it for not only ourselves, but for others also.

Want to learn more about Logan? You will most likely catch him working out in the Colvin, or you can follow him on Twitter @LoganWilson37 !


" You have to change the rules to best fit yourself, and sometimes you have to change the situation to make a comeback..."

- LW

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