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Rhinestone Reality

             On the corner of Knoblock in Stillwater, a super, sparkly boutique can be seen. The building is very eccentric and one of a kind. It can only be found on OSU’s campus and twenty-four year store owner, Miranda Johnson-Dickinson has a lot to be proud of.
            Dickinson’s childhood days of being creative and having knowledge about making jewelry in high school can be showcased by the reality of her store, Rhinestone Cowgirl. In the fall of 2006, when she was 18 and a student at Oklahoma State, she traveled in trade shows to show off her creations. Three years later in 2009, a building was for rent, and there it became the super flashy, girly store customers adore today. 

            Rhinestone Cowgirl’s unique homemade projects, gifts, spirit wear, and accessories are worth the price tag. Customers walk in feeling overwhelmed, but only because they want to buy everything in the store. Miranda also wants her customers to feel happy, vibrant, and just to have fun when they see all the merchandise.
            The cool aspect of this store is that everything is handcrafted by college students, or by Miranda herself. Johnson-Dickinson is the reason for all of the cute t-shirts that are seen in the store which are her own ideas.
            For every dream, there are obstacles to overcome, and the difficulty of construction of the roads, and the unavailability to park in front of the store made it very hard for Miranda in 2009. But not anymore, Miranda’s dream of her owning Rhinestone Cowgirl is very much real, and customers are encouraged to check out the store themselves at 223 S. Knoblock St, or call at 405-564-0512!

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