Reverse Bucket List

After making a bucket list I thought It would be a good ideal to make a reverse bucket list of different things that I have been able to check off my bucket list. Although I have long life ahead of me still, these past 20 years have been really good to me and has given me memories that I will close to my heart forever. 

  1. Graduate high school  
  2. Went on my first spring break trip with a big group of friends
  3. Went to the beach
  4. Went hiking
  5. Road a boat
  6. Go to lake and learn how to drive a jet ski
  7. Going to college
  8. Took a random road trip
  9. Have a girl's trip
  10. Being carried over a big puddle of water on a rainy night
  11. Get my first apartment
  12. Go to Beyoncé concert
  13. Live with friends
  14. Went to rave
  15. Get to experience the door room life
  16. Go to big university
  17. Coordinate a fashion show
  18. Saved more than $1,000
  19. Rode camel
  20. Purchased a pet bunny Oli
  21. Go to Niagara Falls
  22. Have dinner in the CN tower in Toronto Canada
  23. Have a New Year's kiss
  24. Laugh so hard I cried
  25. Walked inside of a volcano
  26. Went to an all-black sad beach
  27. Danced so much I couldn't walk
  28. Camp under the stars
  29. Go to camp
  30. Meet my Best Friend

Even though there are many other things that I have done these are the 30 things that came to my head first. It is an amazing feeling to look back at these things and think about all the laughs, hugs, tears and the people that made those magical moments happen.