A Recap of Homecoming and Hoops

For Homecoming and Hoops, the university uses this as a chance to get everyone fired up for Homecoming, but also to introduce all the athletic teams for the year.

To start the night off, Cowboy Wrestling made an exciting entrance. As the wrestlers ran out and made a circle in the middle of the court, the announcer began listing accomplishments for the group. After that long string of awards and accolades, they introduced a few of the top wrestlers on the team and then wrestling exited the floor. 

Following wrestling, the football captains for the Homecoming game vs. Baylor along with Mike Gundy came out onto the floor. After Coach Gundy gave an inspiring speech about his love for OSU and why everyone should be at the game being loud and rowdy, he let one of the players speak briefly. As the football players and Coach Gundy left the court, they were followed with a gym full of "Chuba for Heisman" chants, which led one player to hit the Heisman pose right before leaving sight.

After the Homecoming recap video, the Homecoming Directors were all introduced with their own walk up songs.

Once the Homecoming Court was introduced, they locked arms and sang along to the old and true "Friends in Low Places" to the pleasing eyes of the crowd. 

Cowgirl basketball made their own intro with their walk up songs, and their coach asking for support throughout the season. 

Boys basketball also had walk up songs, and lots of energy, with Coach Mike also encouraging people to come out and watch the Cowboys play.

After all basketball players were on the court, they had a shooting contest with girls and boys split equally between orange team and white team, shooting for different fraternity/sorority pairings and others.

Following the shooting, they introduced the judges of the dunk contest; Tiffany Bias, Markel Brown, Andrea Riley and Mason Rudolph. Avery Anderson won the dunk contest.

To round out the exciting night, the Okstate Cheer Squad came out and showed off one of their competition routines, hitting amazing tumbling skills and adding a perfect touch to the already exciting event.

After announcing a winner of one of the competitions for a sorority/fraternity pairing, and loud cheers following the announcement, everyone was thanked for coming out as the lights came on and we all left excited to cheer on the Cowboys the next day.

Happy Homecoming Cowboys, GO POKES BEAT BAYLOR