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Reasons Why Your Crush-Relationship is Real

Everyone has that one person that they have the BIGGEST crush on.

You talk about your crush to everyone you think will keep the secret, but will still fangirl over them when you talk about them.

These are five reasons why your imaginative crush relationship is real. 


1. You support your crush in everything they do

No matter what it is they are participating in,  you are right there rooting and cheering them on even if they don’t know you are.





2. You care for your crush

When they tweet about having a bad day, it seems like your day also gets bad, because you are in sync with them and you care for them from a distance.

3. You are protective of your crush

When someone else other than you approaches your crush, you turn into mama bear, because you have his best interest at heart ( and by best interest you mean yourself ).

4. You basically have his last name

You have already stalked him on Instagram, Twitter maybe even Facebook, and you know all his interests, favorite things, and who his family is. All you are waiting for is that ring on your finger.


5. You have been dumped by your crush

When they finally get in a relationship you feel like you have been cheated on. Now your hurting and they will never know just how deepy you feel about them.


All of these things are what form a relationship and you have been through it all, so why can’t your crush-relationship be real?

When you finally meet your crush, everything will come into play; You just have to be bold, talk to them and don’t be afraid

, because you never know your imaginative relationship could be a reality one day. 

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