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Reasons To Watch Skins As A Young Adult

Reasons To Watch Skins As A Young Adult

As a young adult in a generation full of technology, Netflix has definitely taken over most of our free time.

How many times have we started a new series to only find out it wasn’t as entertaining or relatable as we hoped. With the wide range of series and genres going on, it’s easy to not notice ones from the past.

“Skins” UK is a TV show aired in 2007 through 2013. The show dealt with multiple identities and storylines about a group of British teens.

1. Diversity

One of the many great features of “Skins” UK is its diversity. Each storyline had its variety of characters with completely different personalities.

For example, Pandora played the geeky nerd, Effy was the edgy rebel, Mini was popular and Franky was artsy. As for the guys, James Cook was the druggy rebel, Chris loved the party life, Rich was a heavy metal fan and JJ loved anything to do with science and math. Not to mention this is only one-third of the characters.   

2. Setup

“Skins” UK is made up of seven seasons. Every two seasons focuses on one generation, and the seventh season looks back to all the previous one.

The fact that every two seasons focuses on one generation allows you to to watch it with no prior knowledge of the previous seasons.

Another reason to love the setup is the show focuses on a new character every episode. It’s an ongoing story about a group of friends while also focusing on one character and their past. It’s an interesting setup because each character has his or her own story within the show.


The show is one of the few TV shows to have LGBTQ+ characters.

In the first generation you have Maxxie, Naomi and Emily in the second and Franky and Mini in the third generation.

The relationships vary from season generation. In some, the characters are openly gay while on others it shows the struggles of trying to hide their sexuality.

4. Relatable 

Any young viewer who watches “Skins” UK can probably relate in at least one way.

They all go to school, but they also live the party life. The characters also deal with personal family issues, love triangles, deaths and eating disorders.

So the next time you’re on Netflix trying to find a new series to watch give “Skins” UK a try!

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