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Real Life Resume

Every collegiette will have to write a resume at some point in her life. Although college provides a great time get some impressive resume padding with all of the clubs and organizations to get involved with, many of the valuable skills that we have acquired in college are not accepted on most formal resumes… Imagine if we could honestly list all of the great life skills that we have developed while in college. The realistic collegiette resume might look something a little more like this:

1.     Regularly survives on an average of 3 hours of sleep.

2.    Completed a project in one night even though the professor swore it would take “2-3 weeks”.

3.    Successfully used my resources to find the name and Twitter account of the cute guy who sits two rows in front of me.

4.    Works well with others, which is supported by the fact that I went the entire year without punching my roommate in the face.

5.    Knows the most inexpensive meal combo at each of the local fast food restaurants.

6.    Uses impeccable navigation skills while being the designated driver for passengers who do not remember the location of their house.

7.    Correctly estimates just how far the car can go with the low fuel light on.

8.    Displays creativity by finding 100 ways to spend time besides actually doing homework or being productive.

9.    Keeps track of monthly budgets on a napkin to demonstrate financial responsibility.

10.  Demonstrated leadership skills by being the first one to walk out of class when the professor was five minutes late.

11.  Able to multitask by texting and browsing through the Internet while in class.

12.  Uses strategic communications to convince my parents to put more money into my banking account.

13.  Exhibited great determination and focus skill by completing 27 quizzes in one day… on buzzfeed.com

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