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Pay Attention to the Red Flags

Women pay attention to red flags, don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

We often see warnings before the hurricane hits but blind ourselves because we get caught up in the moment.


“You got this?”

It’s the first date and he expects you to pay? As much as I believe girls should pay for their man too, the first date is when the guy is trying to make a good impression, so EXPECTING the girl to pay is not a good sign.

He only wants to chill when its dark out

If he doesn’t try to take you out in the daylight or before 10 pm, that is not okay.

First date is not public

Why so private?

Early signs of aggression

If you try to walk away from him and he grabs you in an aggressive way that it kind of makes you nervous, think twice before going out with him again.

Gets too touchy, too quick

“You’re going listen to what I have to say”

If you’re too scared to see him after an argument

It is not okay if you don’t want to confront him after an argument due to his anger issues!

If his friends are terrible

Chances are, he is the exact same.

He has a bad relationship with his mom

If he doesn’t treat his mother like a queen, he won’t treat you any better.

He can’t stop talking about how perfect you/your body is

There’s a fine line between complimenting you and becoming obsessed with you.

He has no Ambition nor Goals

You don’t want to end up becoming the successful one taking care of your “stay at home dad,” you want someone who has the same ambition as you.

Split Personality

If you were the other woman

Ladies, if he cheated on his ex with YOU, that is already a bad sign. What makes you think he’ll be loyal to you?

If he says “Who do you choose, me or your friends?”

They keep little things a secret

If they keep stupid little things from you, they will keep hiding everything from you!

He lies

Nobody wants a liar.

Doesn’t want to show you off

You want someone who isn’t afraid to show you off, someone who doesn’t ask to keep the relationship from everyone or “lowkey.”

He doesn’t have time for you

If there’s always something coming up or if you are the last thing on his agenda, then what are you to him?

He makes you feel bad

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