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OSU shows school spirit

               Oklahoma State University is known to have the biggest homecoming, but the school spirit doesn’t stop there.
               OSU stands-out on gamedays with the student’s passion for orange. Chris Norris, owner of Chris’s University Spirit, says OSU is different from other schools.
                “Sixty-percent of our sales are during football season,” Norris says.

               Whereas Gameday Authentic in Norman reports only 40 percent of their sales come from football season.
               “OSU is exceptional because most schools are crimson and crème or purple and yellow, but OSU is basically just orange,” Norris says. “We do coordinate with black often, but we primarily stick with orange.”
               Another topic Norris brought up was the gray jerseys. When these jerseys were revealed they received mixed emotions, a person either loved them or hated them. Norris is not a fan of them.
               He said that trying to incorporate gray will ruin our strong orange theme. Our loyalty to orange makes us stand out and the gray is drawing attention away from that.
            However, OSU fans are always proud, regardless if you are wearing orange, gray, white or black.

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