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OSU Outstanding Senior Kaelyne Yumul

Southlake, Texas native Kaelyne Yumul has a lot on her plate right now. The English and political science double major is graduating in May, preparing to start law school in the fall and is getting married this summer!

“A lot of times people have this misconception that planning a wedding is more stressful than school, and I want to set that record straight,” Kaelyne explains. “I had to work for one and not for the other, but it’s still been exciting!”

And let’s not forget all the awards and honors she has been receiving lately. In addition to being recognized as one of 49 OSU Seniors of Significance last semester, she was recently one of 15 students chosen as an OSU Outstanding Senior.

“It was really special because I’ve encountered several obstacles with my minority status, especially as a woman,” Kaelyne says. “When I heard I received the Outstanding Senior award it was a validation that my hard work, perseverance and resiliency can be recognized.”

During our interview, Kaelyne also told me that around the same time as her Outstanding Senior honor, she found out she was chosen by the OSU College of Arts & Sciences as its Orange Gown Graduate this semester.

Kaelyne gets to wear a special orange robe and mortarboard at commencement in May, as well as carry the college’s banner as she leads Arts & Sciences graduates into Gallagher-Iba. She will also be the first graduate recognized from Arts & Sciences onstage.

“I hope I don’t trip carrying that big banner at graduation!” Kaelyne says as she knocked on my wooden desk.

Kaelyne has been accepted to several law schools, but is currently leaning toward OU or Indiana.

Because academics are so important to Kaelyne, I waited to ask about her wedding this summer, but as soon as I asked, she was excited to talk about it. The citrus-themed brunch wedding will be July 17 in Texas and will be a blending of two cultures: her family’s Filipino culture and her fiancé Derek’s family from Oklahoma.

“My mom really wants us to do the money dance,” Kaelyne says about a Filipino tradition where the couple’s families pin money on them. “We are going to do it, but I’m trying to figure out a way to not pin it on my dress!”

In her free time at OSU, Kaelyne enjoys watching Netflix with Derek, knitting scarves, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream from Marble Slab, and volunteering at Tiny Paws, the local kitten shelter.

Kaelyne is ready for the next steps in her life but admits she is definitely going to miss OSU when she leaves. She and Derek enjoy living close to and walking around on campus, and she is going to miss OSU basketball.

“I know we haven’t come off the greatest year,” Kaelyne says. “But watching OSU basketball with other students is the only time I’ve ever teared up at the alma mater.”



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