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OSU Alumna, Tererai Trent, Makes a Visit

Tererai Trent had a dream.

She once wrote on a small scrap of paper, "I want to go to America to have an education, and I want to have a BS degree. I want to have a master's, and I want to have a PhD."

Growing up in Zimbabwe where girls were married off before their teens, this dream was nearly impossible, but after facing much adversity, Trent broke the cycle.

In 1998, Tererai moved to Oklahoma and later went on to attend Oklahoma State University. Three years later, she earned a bachelor's degree in agricultural education and in 2003, she obtained her master's degree. In December 2009, Trent obtained her biggest dream of obtaining her doctorate degree.

She now shares her story with girls and women around the world, including students at her alma mater Oklahoma State. Students were able to meet with her last Tuesday at a dinner and speaking event. Her Campus' own, Erica DeLoera, was able to get a quick photo with her!

Stephanie Taylor is originally from Detroit, Michigan and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma with her parents when she was sixteen. Five years later, she is now a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in news-editorial with a minor in English. Her three passions are writing, fashion and music. Stephanie loves telling other peoples' stories and seeing her words come to life. In the future, she will be an editor in chief of a young women's magazine and a screenwriter. She currently holds the title of Miss Black OSU and volunteers with different organizations for young women and for mentally and physically disabled young adults. Stephanie has been accused of trying to save the world, which always makes her smile. In response to that, she says she just wants to do all she can with all she has in the time she has on the earth.
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