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An Open Letter To The Girl Who Isn’t Graduating On Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Before you enter college you are told that college will be the best 4 years of your life and that is not a lie! The best 4 years where you find life long friends, lose friends you thought you had, learn who you are and what you want in life and you figure out life just a little bit more. But it’s not always 4 years sometimes it may take 5, 6 or even 7 years to complete.


This letter is to the people that spend a little extra time learning who they are, finding those life long friends and figuring out life in general. And I’m here to tell them it’s okay! It’s good to continue to learn and grow, it’s good to find those friends that you wouldn’t have met if you didn’t have to stay longer, it’s okay to stay longer. Maybe the reason you’re staying longer is because of financial reasoning, or you messed around your first year and you’re trying to get back on track or maybe you just honestly don’t have the confidence in yourself to go out in the big world so you would rather stay where you are. Whatever your reasoning know that people will judge, criticize and question you but also know that they are not you. You need to finish when you are prepared and well put together to complete your degree. When you graduate it is an accomplishment no matter how long it took. You will still receive gifts and a party and get to take those beautiful graduation photos you have been waiting for!


Remember you are succeeding in college by being in college even when it feels like you’re failing.