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The Must-See New Addition to the Atherton Hotel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

If you have not yet seen the absolutely stunning and extravagant Stateroom in the Atherton, you are missing out.

The Stateroom is a lounge bar and grill for anyone of age, to drink, eat, watch a game, and socialize with friends. The investment was thought through, and confirmed for construction in 2013. Construction started a year later and now with the finishing touches it is a masterpiece.

Everyone must visit the extraordinary trademark in Stillwater, OK because of the awesome service, delicious food and drinks, and relaxed environment.

I have worked for the Rancher’s Club Stateroom now for two months and absolutely love it. The people that you will see around the restaurant and hotel are so friendly and welcoming. As workers of the Rancher’s Club, our job is to make sure your experience in the Stateroom is comfortable and fun. My co-workers and I love to socialize and get to know our customers, because it makes the experience, not just for the customers, but for us, so fun.

If you have been to the Rancher’s Club and loved the food, then you will also love the Stateroom menu too. Although the Stateroom menu is limited, it is very tasty and goes perfect with one of our vibrant red wines or a specialty made cocktail. We have over forty different bottles of wine, seventeen specialty cocktails, twenty different beers on bottle, and eight draft beers. Every once and a while, we will do a drink special. One recently is our Poke Passion Iron Monk beer which was brewed specially for the Stateroom and has been extremely popular. With our large variety of drinks and drink specials, it makes ordering something more fun and challenging.

The Stateroom’s purpose is to feel comfortable and relaxed in the environment. To have that relaxed vibe, the interior designers and the owner thought it would be perfect to have very comfy seating, serene color combinations, and jazzy music.  Every time I walk into the Stateroom, I also believe it’s a work of art, but instantly feel comfortable, because it has become a safe place for me.

I hope everyone visits the new addition to the hotel, because of our wonderful service, delicious food and drinks, and relaxed environment. We love to entertain and talk with the customers, especially because it makes our experience so much better. The Stateroom serves several different drinks that make the experience enjoyable and a challenge to find your favorite beer or cocktail. Also, the Stateroom’s environment and feel is very chill and relaxing. 

With all of the incredible features included into the Stateroom, it makes it all worth the while to come in, enjoy yourself, and have a drink.