Meet Beauty Guru: Bionka Deyon

YouTube has become one of the most popular ways you can learn how to do makeup, but also how to survive in college in our generation.

Thankfully to survive Oklahoma State, we have a couple of Youtubers that are willing to feature their lives here in Oklahoma, to help our student body out.

Today we will feature YouTube, Bionka Deyon and her journey within YouTube, and here at Oklahoma State.



Bionka Barryer, is a sophomore studying Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering within her time here at Oklahoma State University.

This resident of Dallas, Texas currently goes by Bionka Deyon, which is how we know her in the YouTube world. Bionka was inspired by the many collegiate Youtubers that she watches, and decided it was her time to express her love for beauty, but also wanting to show her talents through a social media outlet. She draws her inspiration for her videos form the many Youtubers that inspire her to continue her passion; such influential people to her channel would include MakeupShayla and NikkiTutorials! From their inspiration she puts her own twist on the many makeup looks, and styles that they inspired her to re-create.

Her latest YouTube Achievement, would have to be hitting 300 hundred subscribers, and no shocker her channel is continually growing with close to 400+. " One of my videos has hit over 1,000 views, I am totally proud of that, I could cry!” stated Bionka as we excitedly talked about her growing success as a Youtuber here at OkState.

After college Bionka sees herself moving to Houston, Texas where she wants to use her Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering degree and work for Exxon Mobile, which she stated is her ultimate dream. Beautiful, Educated, and Thoughtful, could we as OSU Students ask for a better person to represent us within the YouTube Community. I hope to continue to see Bionka grow, and I am ready to celebrate with her when she reaches 1 Million Subscribers! Want some beauty advice from Bionka Deyon? Check out her social media below!

" I want to be remembered as a role model to African-American girls, because it hard in our world, especially when it comes to Engineering to be a black woman, I want to be that inspiration to show it is possible."

- Bionka Barryer


YouTube Channel: Bionka Deyon

Twitter & Instagram: @bionkadeyon