The Masked Singer Is Too Good To Be True!

     For years, people love to tune in and watch shows with an interesting twist on performing singing, dancing, and acting. An interesting element that is often used is to make the performers compete to stay on the show. Audiences are also often called upon to give their opinion on their favorite performer, to try and keep the audience favorite in the show. Shows like “Dancing with the Stars” “The Voice” and “American Idol” are some of the forerunners of these shows. So when people started talking about a new show called “The Masked Singer” I was curious why it was getting so many views on its premiere season. It didn't take me long to get hooked!

     The Masked Singer is like many other shows in that there is a panel of judges that comment on the performances of that week, and there is also one performer eliminated every week. The Masked Singer adds another twist that no other show has. The performers are masked from head to toe. And the big kicker? All of the performers are celebrities. The mysterious performers could be athletes, actors, singers, you name it. It could literally be anyone! No one knows the identity of the performer, not even the other performers. Each week we are given clues from the masked celebrities. And each week one person is unmasked. The season finale aired on Fox last Wednesday and over 8 million viewers watched the final three performers get unmasked.

     I had SO much fun watching the show. It was super interesting to see famous celebrities suddenly become nobodies and grow in the characters they chose. I ended up falling in love with performers I never would have listened to beforehand. SPOILER ALERT! Don't read any more if you don't want to see the characters unmasked.


12. Week 1: The Hippo: Antonio Brown

11. Week 2: The Pineapple: Tommy Chong10. Week 3: The Deer: Terry Bradshaw

9. Week 4: The Poodle: Margaret Cho8. Week 5: The Unicorn: Tori Spelling

7. Week 6: The Raven: Ricki Lake

6. Week 7: The Alien:  LaToya Jackson

5.Week 8: The Lion: Rumer Willis

4.Week 8: The Rabbit: Joey Fatone

3. Week 9: The Bee: Gladys Knight

2. Week 9: The Peacock: Donny Osmond1.Week 9: The Monster: T-PainFor those of you that watched the masked singer, I hope you had as much fun as I did! I can’t wait until Season 2!