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Marcus Smart: Off the Bench

A new edition was added to the Oklahoma State University Cowboy Basketball Team. He was a McDonalds All American player and the No. 1 Texas ranked prospect. Marcus Smart, signed and committed to Oklahoma State University in September of 2011. 

Marcus is originally from Lancaster, Texas. But after his eighth grade year the Smart family moved to Flower Mound, Texas, where he attended Edward S. Marcus High School. He was the youngest of four boys, has always been a great team player, a stellar all around player and always-made sure school, and family came first.

 Marcus had a choice to attend the University of Oklahoma, the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas at Austin. But thankfully, he and his high school teammate, Phillip Forte III, decided to finish off their basketball and education together at Oklahoma State University. They chose OSU because of the Cowboy Basketball coaching staff, players and genuinine Oklahoma State University Cowboy spirit. Marcus plans to stay all four years at Oklahoma State University because he believes that school comes first.

 Marcus wants all future basketball players to know that you should, “believe in yourself at all times. No matter how difficult the situation gets it’s going to get ugly before it gets pretty, but no struggle means, no progress.”

 The Smart family’s lives took a turn when they experienced the loss of his older brother, Todd Westbrook, in 2004 to his battle with leukemia. Marcus was grief stricken by the loss of his older brother. The lose of his brother motivated him to come to college, and to never give up on his dreams. His brother always told him, “never give up and always believe in yourself,” a memory Marcus will take with him forever. Marcus said if he could say one thing to Todd it would simply be,I love you.

 Marcus hopes to one day play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and play side-by-side his favorite player, Kevin Durant. Even though many fans and critics expect a lot out of Marcus this year, he is ready and excited to step up and take the challenge. He knows that, “when you feel like you gave it your all and there is nothing left to give, push yourself to give a little more.”

 So ladies and gentleman make sure you check out his first appearance in an Oklahoma State University uniform at Homecoming Hoops. And be sure to get season tickets to this year’s basketball game to show your Cowboy school spirit!

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