Lets Get Lazy!

Looking cute all the time especially when your in school is not easy. Some days, specifically Mondays are extra hard for us to roll out of bed let alone get ourselves dolled up. And being college students we should be the ultimate pros at being really lazy when going to class but not always in the cutest way of lazy though! So I give you the lazy day cute guide! Because there are literally so many ways to be cute and lazy at the same time. We will be focusing on how to get your hair looking extra cute on those lazy days.

1) Hats on Hats on Hats! Yes even for the few of us that have really short hair hats and beans can be your escape from having to mess with your hair. They are even better in my mind because of how easily they hide that day two grease that we all get when we haven't washed our hair in a day or two. But have no fear or shame because the hat will fix it all!

    a) Long hair don't care hat styles. You have so many options from braids and fishtails that can go either toward the side or straight back to messy buns and sock buns on the edge or through the baseball hat loop. Long hair has so many options that even if you hair isn't greasy its just messy throw a cute vintage hate on and you have fixed your hair in less than five minutes. And for all you ladies that have your fishtails or braids come undone try spraying your hair with some hair spray before you begin you braid!

  (photo credit to Pinterest and Glamour)

    b) Short hair don't care hat styles! Our favorite short haired actresses can be our ultimate inspiration! And we make this look go from vintage to hipster with just the change of your hat! We all know how it goes with short hair you kind of have to play with it to figure out how to make it look good. This applies to our hats as well. I like to use pomade to get my hair to go straigh t or to stay back with my hats and little bit goes a long ways!

2) Head Bands, Head Wraps, and Turbans! For short or long these things can be absolutely rocked and they only take few minutes to look cute!

    a) From simple and dainty to bold and bulky head bands, wraps, and turbans can be found anywhere these day. Even using your scarves. Some of the good tutorials I found were Paris and market's twitsted turban, Moemnetwork on YouTube has great variety of head wraps, and The Feckled Fox's awesome headband tuck tutorial!

    b) Short hair as always can be a breeze and a hassle. Some of these you will be able to slide on and done! Although there are a few that you might need to some teasing and some moving around to get the look you want! I recomment that you play with you hair alot if you have short hair because the sky is the limit and sometimes when we have short hair we think that really only have one look!

3) Finally Buns and updos! For all my long haired ladies. Wouldn't you just love to just throw your hair up in a bun rather than have it looking drab and down when its not wanting to cooperate. Well see all the wild and awesome styles that you can choose from! From messy to classy and whimsical to bold the range is nearly endless!

(Photo Credit to Pop Culture, Seventeen Mag, LuvImages, Facebook friends thank you!)