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Kevins Heart Is Actually Everybody’s Heart

In J. Coles recent album KOD, his seventh track “Kevin’s Heart” has been dropping jaws in both a good and head turning way. It’s hard to not sing along to a masterpiece of a song, even if it appears to reference his cheating and drug abuse.

Cole speaks about a person he loves, which he refers to as She throughout the song. This is likely in reference to his wife and mother of his child, which have been referenced in other songs such as “She Knows” with similar cheating history.

In “Kevin’s Heart,” Cole, is conflicted about a side relationship with somebody else.

The pre-chorus starts off by referring to his She as the only person he needs because he’s tired of having a relationship based on lies. Cole’s focusing hard to not fall into the temptation of the other girls “cookie,” which is slang for her genitalia.

Throughout the song Cole talks about what can be interpreted as drugs or the other girl as something to take the edge off while on tour, knowing he’ll always have a good time. Cole experiences these dreamlike mindsets where he isn’t in a relationship and is guilt free from responsibilities. He hates having to snap out of his fantasies knowing it’s becoming an addiction that’s making him feel like he’s living a double life. Cole just wants to have his cake and then some, “even if the other baker doesn’t taste as good”. Cake being his wife and the other girl.

He loves his wife and doesn’t want to lose her, knowing his decisions are selfish and come with consequences. His actions are starting to confuse him. He’s a happy man at home with his wife and a happy player on the road, as referenced in his second verse.

He ends the songs by acknowledging what is done in the dark, will be brought to light. Cole’s done so many wrongs, implying once exposed others will be blinded.

There’s no doubt this song has its cringing thoughts, and as Cole said “All a n**** know is how to f*** a good thing up.” However, this won’t stop us girls from singing along.  

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