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Kchris Griffin


The Basics...


Name: Kchris Griffin

Year: Senior

Hometown: Idabel, Okla.

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Organizations: The Daily O’Collegian

Twitter/Instagram: @Kchriswitha_k

Relationship status: Single

Celebrity Crush: Skylar Diggins

Favorite Restaurant: Golden Dragon Cafe

Favorite Stillwater Hang-Out Spot: Justin Gordon’s Chill Lounge

Biggest Fear: "My faith trumps fear"


Let's get personal...


Best gift you have ever received from a girl?

"A smile, a laugh and her time."


What was the worst date you have ever had?

"Went to a movie and then shopping for her niece."


What do your weekends consist of?

"Working out, homework, interning for FOX25 News and chilling/having fun.


What is your favorite thing about OSU?

"The electric atmosphere here. I transferred from a junior college, where I played basketball, and it wasn’t that different than a high school. It’s great to see a lot of diversity here and feel free to do as I wish."


Who or what inspires your clothing?

"Being different inspires my clothing preferences. I traded in the Jordan’s (shoes) and Jordan shorts a while ago. Remember boys have swag but men have class."


Boxers or Briefs?:

"Briefs, of course"


Guilty Pleasure?

"I love Butterfingers!"


What is the most played song on your ipod and why?

"Drake- Hold on We’re Going Home. I listen to mostly R and B anyways, but the vibe and the essence of the song draws me to the song."


How would your lady friend describe you in 3 words?

"Handsome, Gentleman and Outgoing"


I hear you have a fashion blog, tell me more about it.

"Yes, 'Fashion Advice for Young Men.' It highlights the cheapest places to shop to pull off the young professional or entrepreneur look of your choice."

Here’s the link…. #CampusCutieExclusive

What inspires your fashion?

"Anything vintage and timeless. I love colors and I love shoes. I only wear Sperry and Vans. My inspiration comes from shopping and seeing a jean jacket or denim shirt that I feel would turn heads and of course look best on me."


What celebrity (male) do you think has the best swag?

"It hurts to admit this because I’m a Kobe fan, but LeBron James has the best attire. He never has an off day. I like Carmelo Anthony’s style and a few items Dwayne Wade wears. People around OSU would consider me the Russell Westbrook of the campus."



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