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Katherine Keil Humbly Receiving Significance

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

She excels in scholarships, leadership, and service to her community. Katherine Keil is announced one of Oklahoma State University’s Seniors of Significance. Her family, experiences at OSU, and her passion to give back have earned her this prestigious opportunity.


Keil is an Environmental Science Major with an option in Natural Resources. Her passion for the outdoors started back home with her family in Little Rock, Ark.

 “My parents have provided me with more financial and emotional support than I could ever hope for, encouraging me to pursue my passions even when they take me out of my home state,” Keil said. “I am passionate about doing all I can to help conserve the environment and educating others to do the same.”

And just like every student at OSU she has encountered influential people and situations. She has gained new experiences through the opportunities available at OSU’s unique campus. Keil is a trained Oklahoma Conservation Blue Thumb stream monitor, an OSU Botanical Garden volunteer, and an Honors College student. She is also involved in the Women’s Mentorship Program as a mentor, a Pura Vida campus representative, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, and finally the president of the Environmental Science Club.

“My favorite is my involvement in the Environmental Science Club. Since I am president, I am able to dictate the direction the club takes and influence the lives of a diverse group of people,” Keil said.

Her excitement for the outdoors and passion to conserve our planet has driven her to the success she now has and is something that she never ceases to continue. Keil says that her favorite kind of service is one that is hands-on and connects you to people.

“Blue Thumb, is an organization through the Oklahoma Conservation Commission where you monitor creeks to ensure they have an acceptable status of water quality. I’ve met a great, diverse group of people, and helped Oklahoma waters stay healthy, and it gets me out into nature,” Keil said.

Keil believes that Seniors of Significance chosen at OSU are students that are considered passionate, selfless, intelligent, dedicated, and distinguished individuals.

“I know from attending the Senior of Significance awards ceremony that OSU is immensely blessed with the most talented, passionate students I have ever met. So, saying I would be ecstatic to receive this award is an understatement. Outstanding seniors honor OSUs finest, and to even be given the opportunity to interview for this award is a blessing,” Keil said.

“I do know that since the moment I stepped on OSU’s campus, I have tried to better myself each day and better the university I love so much right along with me. Whether I fit into the Senior of Significance pool or not, I know that I have done my absolute best to be a good person, student, volunteer, professional, and make my school proud.”

Keil’s advice to our readers is to get involved, and not just in anything, but in things that you really love. If you love it, you’re more willing to put more time and effort into it, learn more, and get more out of it.


Strategic Communications Senior at Oklahoma State Univeristy! Go Pokes! I'm a small town girl that is always looking for new places and adventures! I'm obsessed with yoga and road biking! My passion is with non-profit and volunteer service, although I'm a total advertising junkie! I'm pretty weird, and in the best way, spunky and spontaneous!