YouTube is an amazing thing. You can learn how to do so many things now! But for the longest time, it seemed that the main categories for YouTube tutorials were makeup, video games, and food. Now, however, YouTube has expanded to have videos and channels focused on numerous topics. A few years ago I stumbled onto BookTube. This is a section of YouTube dedicated solely to reviews, games, and tags relating to books. It was my type of entertainment for sure.

    One of the first booktubers that started this whole community was Jessethreader. Jesse George found solace in reading when he was pelted with troubling times in his life. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 as a freshman in college. Now, he is entering his eighth year as a YouTuber with 312,905 subscribers and counting!

                                          Jesse was always my favorite for several reasons.

Reason 1: He realizes that his audience has younger members, or people like me, that don’t want mature content like language, or graphic details. He incorporates some adult content, but only after warning the youngins to skip over to another video.

Reason 2: He reads a wide variation of books. When I need recommendations, I go straight to him. He mostly reads fantasy and action but also incorporates manga-a form of Japanese comics, classics, and middle-grade books.

Reason 3: He is constantly coming up with new and innovating ways to interact with new and old readers. He talks about books for hard-core readers and easy-to-read books for people who need light-hearted fun.

Reason 4: The games he comes up with are hilarious. He puts a lot of effort into his videos and it definitely shows. The skits are funny, clean, and different from a lot of similar channels.

Reason 5: Jesse is also a member of booksplosion, a trio or booktubers that pick a book a month to read alongside their viewers. The other two members of Booksplosion are Kat O’Keeffe from Katytastic, and Christine Riccio from Polandbananasbooks. Both Kat and Christine are super fun to watch but don’t rank higher than Jesse in my opinion.

If there are any readers out there that don’t have many friends to talk with, I would suggest checking out some of these internet stars. Hey, if there are stars for cooking, makeup, and sports, why can’t we have some star readers? Well, I’m off to read some more. I’ve got to get ready for Jesse’s next book talk. Bye everyone!