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I’ve Tested Self-Care Products. Here are My Thoughts

Listen, I would be lying if I said I never believed a face mask would get rid of all of my acne. This past summer was a summer of change for me, and so I figured I would keep the change coming in autumn by trying a lot of self-care products. Let’s just say this was an adventure.

Face Masks

Some have worked for me, others have not. I’m not going to name the products that didn’t work out for me because it could just be my skin that didn’t react well. I have dry and sensitive skin, so finding the right face mask is a job within itself. So imagine my happiness when all of my hard work (er… I mean, search) paid off! The Original Skin Retexturizing Mask from Origins worked wonders for my skin. Usually, my face burns when I apply face masks and my skin gets slightly more red than what I would consider normal. But this face mask from Origins left my skin smooth and smelling like roses (which happens to be my absolute favorite scent in the world!) Although it’s a little expensive for a college budget, at $26, it’s worth the purchase.

Herbal Tea

Let’s just say I’m not the biggest on coffee or tea. I tried the Tazo Iced Passion Herbal Tea and while it tasted good, I can’t find myself getting hooked on the herbal tea craze. I find myself reserving hot drinks for hot chocolate and apple cider. Otherwise, I’ll admit I stick to the sodas. Dr. Pepper, anyone?


I’m used to growing up with candles being burned around my house and I’ve always had plug-in scents I my room, but I never really utilized candles before. Last Christmas, two of my friends got me candles. I was living in a dorm at the time, and didn’t want to assume my roommate would be okay with the heavy scents of candles, so I didn’t light them. But this year, I finally lit a Ginger & Rose candle before doing my homework. When I say it was a life changing event for me, believe it. My room smelled fresh and I felt—for some odd reason—fancy. I light a candle in my room every day and I might have bought a couple candles since then. Noelle, if you’re reading this, thanks for getting me hooked on candles without even knowing it!

Essential Oils

So, I have to admit something. I’ve loved essential oils for a long time, so I would be lying if I said this is something I’ve recently tried. But, it’s something I have to give a lot of praise. Essential oils always bring me to a calm state of mind and help me sleep better. I could be experiencing the placebo effect when I say this, but for the sake of argument, let’s just say essential oils are must-haves in my life

Eye Masks

Where do I begin? The process of trying eye patches was long. To say the least, I’m not going to be doing that again. The eye masks I used were jelly-masks. They were too gooey and kept falling off of my face. Maybe I bought the wrong product, but I don’t plan on finding out anytime soon. Sorry!

If you’re ever in the mood for a change in your routine, self-care is usually the go-to idea. I hope you take my experiences into consideration if you’re ever going to try something from this list for the first time. And, of course, enjoy the ride! Trying these products was fun while it lasted!

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