I Deleted My Social Media

I wake up and lay in bed catching up on the news on Twitter until I finally jump out of bed and rush to get dressed for work so I’m not late.  Later on, I inevitably find myself scrolling through Twitter again and Instagram during class until I realize I haven’t paid attention to anything the professor was saying for the past 15 minutes.  Even while watching TV I’ll feel the need to grab my phone and check out what all is happening online.  And after yet another night of staying up too late watching hours of stupid TikTok videos, I decided I need to take action and make a change to my bad habits.  I made the choice to delete all the social media apps off my phone for the next month until finals are over.  I’m trying to keep my 4.0 for at least another semester and if I want to stand a chance of doing that, I need to put in a little more time and effort into my classes.  By removing the distractions of social media, I’m hoping that goal will be a little easier to attain.  In the days since I deleted all my apps, I have turned on my phone and scrolled through my apps before realizing what I did and turning my phone back off countless times. I have noticed that I’ve gotten my assignments done faster and been less stressed as a result. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the upcoming stress of finals and the assignments that are due before then, maybe you should consider taking a social media break, too.