Hurts Donuts Taking Over Oklahoma City

On an adventurous night out with friends we decided to check out the new Hurts Donuts, which had just opened a couple weeks back. The shop is located in the Midtown district of Oklahoma City giving it a lot of people traffic with all the shops, restaurants and bars located near by.


When we arrived the first thing I noticed was the set up. The inside is big and full with a variety of tables and counters for people to sit at. It’s also located on the corner of a strip so its large open windows let the sun and stars shine in. The shop is bright and colorful with the view of all the donuts placed in the glass shelves and posters hung up on the walls.


Once I approached the counter, I was greeted and helped by the friendly workers. We talked for awhile giving me tips for which donuts sold the most and some of their personal favorites. After walking around and looking at all the donuts, which all looked amazingly good, I finally made my choice and decided to try out the oreo cheesecake donut. There was a lot of hype going on about this donut shop so, our standards were set pretty high. The donut was really soft, making it feel as though it was melting in mouth. The overall flavor of the donut was good and different from others I’ve tried and tasted fresh.


For the 3 dollars I spent on the donut I was satisfied and the standards were definitely met! If you ever find yourself craving something sweet, give Hurts Donuts a try! It’s low cost, has a crazy variety of donut flavors and is worth the trip!