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How To Reduce Stress This Semester

Are you stressed? It's mid semester, so if you're not stressed that's a little surprising. There's so much happening from upcoming assignments, to work, and even your social life, it all piles up and can be very difficult to deal with. To help relieve some of this, here's How To Reduce Stress This Semester:

1. Journaling

Journaling has long been acclaimed for being a great stress reliever, as well as a way to process your emotions and routines. There are so many ways to journal depending on the kind of person you are. If you're a list person you can do anything from organazing your thoughts this way to mapping out things you want to focus on. If you're more artistic you can make collages of your thoughts and ideas, or even draw and paint what you're feeling. 

2. Follow an Updated Planner

A key way to deal with stress and upcoming assignments is to follow and update a planner. It's of no help to anyone if you don't actually update your planner though! Set up a color coordinated system for upcoming assignments and to-do lists, and make sure to add in fun/ relaxing things too! 

3. Set a Morning Schedule

Having a daily schedule is extremely important for dealing with stress. If you're waking up and immediately running out the door you will feel less put together and ready for the day. Set your alarm at a time that allows you to wake up not in a rush, have breakfast, do yoga, have your cup of coffee, whatever is going to help you focus and get your mind ready for your day! It will help if this timing happens every day, as your body will get used to it, and make waking up and sticking to this schedule every day much easier. 

4. Get Some Plants!

Plants are good for so much more than just adding greenery to a space! There are a lot of plants that can actually be used as air purifiers! This will help you sleep better, breathe deeper, and think more clearly! There will be a note on the plant if it is an air purifier, so make sure you don't just get any random plant! So head over to your local plant store and get to better breathing!

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