How to Layer Clothes

Autumn and winter can be the greatest time of the year to get imaginative with outfits.  One shirt can create several different looks if layered the correct way.  The layered look is showing up all over the runway this season, and it doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive to pull off. 

Fall is such a great season for layering. You can easily use pieces from your summer wardrobe for your fall wardrobe.  Keep your favorite shorts from the summer and combine them with a pair of tights.

Using different fabrics and textures is definitely encouraged.  You can layer denim, knit or leather together, and it looks amazing.  Layering a jacket on top of a jacket also creates a cozy look.  To create another simple trendy outfit, try wearing a cardigan over a button-up denim shirt.

You can't go wrong with boots, skinny jeans, a cardigan and a scarf.  For a layered look that requires almost no effort, a pair of tall socks peeking out from the top of your boots is perfect.   Tall socks are the easiest way to create a layered look if you’re new to the style.