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How to Land an Internship

You always hear how getting an internship in college can make or break you. Some people find their future jobs through internships, while some people struggle to even find an internship. Although, there is a lot of competition for internships, there are also several opportunities that are overlooked. So, how do you find these overlooked opportunities? What does it take to be the top choice for employers? Here are my top 10 tips to help you land that internship. 

1. Start early! It doesn’t hurt to start applying for internships as early as your freshman year. The more internships you have throughout college, the more desirable you will look as a post-grad. Apply early because the competition starts early. You will even be surprised to find how many opportunities there are on campus that relate to your future career. Several internships start the application process during the fall semester. So, start looking now!

2. Prepare your references early! Your references should vary based on what you apply for. You should have a variety of references that aren’t just from your professors. And make sure to ask their permission to use them as references; no one likes unexpected calls.

3. Suit up and get down to that career fair! Step into that busy room and embrace all that the career fair has to offer. Just remember, the people at those tables want employees just as badly as you want an employer. Also, don’t be limited to just go to your college’s fair. Often, you can find opportunities that relate to your major at a company that you think has nothing to do with your field.

4. Clean up your social media. Yes, Twitter that means you. Your Facebook, Pinterest and Instragram aren’t safe either. Even for internships, employers are looking at your social media to make sure they are professional. You want your social media to reflect the person that you when you walk into that interview room; not the person you might turn into on Saturday nights.

5. Use Hire OSU for interview practice, resume doctor, making cover letters, making business cards and schedule an appointments with a career consultant from your specific college. This is one of the University’s best resources for students and it is goes unused too often.

6. Have you ever been up to 360 Student Union? It’s kind of like the Emerald City if we are comparing OSU to Land of Oz. Business cards, portfolios, thank you cards, resume paper and endless help to get you hired! So start moving those ruby slippers up the stairs because everything they have to offer is a supply that you will need.

7. Research the places you are applying to. Go to their website, social media and just simply Google them. It may seem weird, but you will impress them by how much you know.

8. Follow up, follow up and follow up! This is good practice for applying for a real job. Send e-mails, flowers and keep calling! You may seem persistent, but this also shows that you care.

9. Try to see if you can get academic credit for the internship. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get paid. Sometimes, it’s better to get your feet wet and you learn more than you can imagine on experience alone. Make it clear what your goals are for the internship and what you specifically want to do. Be straightforward that you aren’t going to be getting everyone’s coffee, but you can actually help to improve the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because what you get out of the internship is what will be most important.

10. Network! It can be anything from LinkedIn to Twitter, but you need to get your name out there! There are several websites and places to just upload your resume so that you connect with your peers.
Visit www.hireosugrads.com for more helpful information on how to get an internship.

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