Have you ever felt like your heart was just too big for your body?

Like no matter how much you don’t want to care no matter how much you don’t want to forgive , love ,agree...Your heart is just too big and gives in to it all!

To the point where you care even if you don’t want to, to where you still love even if the person don’t deserve your love ,forgive even though you want to hold that grudge. Y’all get the point….but do y’all ever feel like that? You see other people acting as if they are bullet proof to feelings and then there’s you full of feelings that no matter how much you try not to show them ,it just can’t be hidden physically or emotionally.

Your heart won’t let it be hidden. It’s like your heart just wants you to be seen as some emotional beast. When all you want to do is cover it up and act like those emotions are not there.


People with big hearts are the most loving people ever ,The most sweetest and kind hearted people even if they’ve been hurt ,back stabbed ,lied to and taken for granted. They wouldn't’t even think about hurting you back. They’ll leave you before they ever think to do payback. It’s just not in them to hurt others they would feel so bad if they ever did. So that’s why they don’t understand how could people hurt them?


Big hearted people always want the best for you , They definitely want to see you win and will keep supporting you whether it’s from a distance or in person. Even if there pride gets in the way they’ll still think of you and even pray for you secretly.Deep down they will forever have some type of care or love for you no matter what the situation was. Their Loyalty is like no other.


Cherish these people because even though they are big hearted you do not want to be on their bad side. There hearts are too big to let someone continuously disrespect ,take for granted or hurt them….