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Have a Proper Staycation

I know a lot of people visit family and go on adventures during their time off, but some people just don’t have the money or simply don’t want to. If this is you, like me, here are some fun things to do at home when you have free time.


First, the obvious. Netflix. This is the perfect time to binge that show that has been in your queue since you subscribed to Netflix. Some good, Binge worthy Netflix shows include, but are not limited to, The Office, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

If Netflix isn’t your cup of tea, Hulu has some great shows and you can even watch things on free network apps like The CW app and CBS. Basically, watching T.V. is a great way to waste time, have fun and relax all at once.

Some, people, not me, hate being lazy. If this is you, you can do home workouts and work on your dream body. Just look on YouTube for workout videos, or Zumba is always fun! Just make sure to clear yourself some space so you break anything!


This free time could also be used to develop your culinary skills. Try your hand in the kitchen and make some tasty or healthy treats! When you’re done, you can invite some friends over.


You can also read a few good books. There are some amazing books out there. If you don’t want to buy them, libraries are an incredible free resource that is open to everyone!  Online novels are also nice and light.


If you have some extra cash lying around, then you could go out and do things like bowling, going to the zoo, seeing a movie, or playing laser tag! These are all insanely fun with some friends.

Art can be exciting too! You could paint or sculpt or even draw! There are so many kinds of art so go wild! Take some photos! Fill some balloons with paint, tape them to a canvas, and throw some darts at them (very mess, so be careful). Create anything you want! There is no limit!


Free time is always a chance to try something new though. You can invite some friends and go exploring a new place or just chill and talk.


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