To The Guy I Saw A Future With

To The Guy I Saw A Future With,

Often times in life we fell that our current situations will last forever. High School for example, I thought would last forever, and that we had four years to make what we always had come true. Unfortuantly things change, life throws curveballs, and the imaginary four years of happiness turns into two years of wanting each other, and two more years of realizing that maybe seeking other people in college would be the best decision.

Please know that even though our four years together, were the best and worst of times, that you gave me some of the best memories that I still hold to this day. You constant love and support is what got my through high school, and to know that whatever problem I faced, I had you to talk to was the most comforting thing to know. Currently in our lifetime, time has given us four more year, however they are apart from each, as you on oneside of our country and I on the other.

But please note that I will always love you, will always have your back, will always care. You are the one I pray for at night, that God keeps you safe whereever you are in this world. That through this world you stay sane, and make it out to the otherside. Until we meet again, I let you go, because they say good things always come back to you. I let you go to live your life, make thebest memories without me, but also to allow myself to be free. Be free to seek other people and adventures in life, and if we so happen to meet again, I pray that you regonize the love that we always had.

- Love, The Girl That Always Loved You