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The Girl with Her Hand Raised

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of class and all you want is to go home. The professor asks if anyone has any questions. Then that person raises their hand. Somehow they ask the perfect question to trigger another long rant that you really don’t want to hear. I’m always there. That’s because I’m the girl with her hand raised.


 Yep. I’m that person. I’m the one who is making you stay later than necessary because I need to know a very specific question that may not even apply to you. I don’t want to be that person. I don’t even want to ask those questions most of the time.  I know I’m being annoying way before anyone else possibly could because I know that I’m going to put my hand up in the air. Or blurt my question out to the teachers that allow it. Or continue adding my opinion in those discussion-based classes. Or just keep talking when everyone wants me to shut up. I can feel it bubbling up inside of me when it’s about to happen.


  I just can not stand not knowing what I want to know. When I have such easy access to knowledge, my heart makes the decision to chase it.  With the massive amount of information I have at my fingertips, I am constantly entering every question that pops up in my mind into a search engine.  I too get annoyed when people don’t look up simple questions that can easily be answered with Google.  The endless amount of information that is available to us should be utilized, not neglected.


 I used to hate this about myself.  I still get self-conscious when I feel like I’m taking up too much of people’s time.  When I try to restrict myself, I always find myself lost or confused. Now I know that it’s my inquisitive personality that helps me succeed in the things that I do.  My analytical questions help me fill in the blanks of my understanding on any topic.  This is how I learn. This is who I am.  Does that make sense?

Former President of Her Campus at Oklahoma State University.  Laney is a senior Graphic Design major.  Laney is passionate about philanthropy, activism, education, and art.  When she isn't writing articles for Her Campus she is painting, playing video games, or volunteering.
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