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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Almost every college student wants a dog, but may not think about everything that goes into getting a dog and keeping the dog. Here are some things you may forget and need to know when you are a college student and wanting a dog. 

1. Food

Dog food is not cheap and even though us college students can but cheap ramen there is not an alternative for cheap dog food. You will also have to buy it all the time because your dog has to eat.

2. Living Situations

Living on campus can be a little sticky when getting a dog, so its easier to not get one. Off-campus living is a little easier but almost every apartment has a pet fee and not every home allows pets. Make sure to keep that in mind when deciding to get a dog.


3. Time Management

A dog is like a child and children need attention. When you want to go do something the dog is going to be left alone so make sure you give it enough attention. Plan out how often will you be home, plan when you wnt ot do things, make sure you have a back up if something falls through.

4. Effecting Others

If you have roommates they HAVE to like the dog or else you cant get him/her out of respect of them. They are going to be living with the dog also and they must be okay with it.

These are just a few pointers you must think about when deciding on getting a dog. There are obvious others, but these are the ones you may not think about off top of your head. Hopefully this helps when making your decision and maybe it makes it a little easier!