The Football Girlfriend Survival Guide

Being a football girlfriend is fun, yet challenging in many ways.

From practice schedules, ordering t-shirts and making signs for support, it can become overwhemling at times. 

Here’s some ways to survive football season as football girlfriend!


1. Understand you don’t have to attend every game

Trying to drive two 5-hour away games back to back, will eventually kill you. Remember to balance yourself out , he will not hate you for not going.


2. Don’t splurge on gear

Him being on football team is exciting, and you will see the worlds cutest shirts! However, do NOT buy them all! Your guy may want to change his number next season, and if that happens it can cause some serious confusion at the games.


3. Football girlfriends are your BEST FRIENDS

The other football girlfriends are a heaven sent! They understand everything you are going through, and give amazing moral support throughout the season!


4. Don’t freak out if he goes missing for 2 hours

Football practice can be really long! He is alive, and just most likely sore and tired form practice. He will text you as soon as he is able to.


5. Be the annoying loud girlfriend.

Be as LOUD as you can at the game. Support your man, and let everyone in the crowd know how proud you are of him. They will forgive you for the cowbells, loud noises, and constant screaming...I promise.