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Five Ways to Celebrate V-Day with your Girls

Not everyone has a significant other to spend the most romantic day of the year with. So for those of you single ladies here are some ways to celebrate with your friends.

1. Movie Night- Whether it’s Rom-Coms or classic horror movies, a movie night is always fun. Grab some junk food and stock up on heart shaped chocolate before indulging in the worst movies you can find. Nothing says romance with your girls as well as laughing all night. Or you could just have a Ryan Gosling marathon. That works too.

2. Party- Get a group together and go where all the single people will be on Valentine’s Day. Parties will be happening all over campus and in Stillwater, so you can forget about your lack of a love life by dancing your troubles away. You can dance with your friends or maybe even meet another single person to cozy up with.

3. Bake– It seems silly but with all the boxed candy going around in February it’ll be nice to eat some real sweets. Get together with your friends and make a mess. You can bake the classics like chocolate chip cookies or you can go all out with decorations. Nothing says romance like a heart shaped cookie with your friends.

4. Dinner- Who says you need a love life to eat out on V-Day? You and your girls can make a reservation or just show up at your favorite restaurant. Having dinner with friends is the no pressure way to go out when you’re single. You can even indulge and get dessert.

5. Dance- Once you’ve got all your friends together it’s time to celebrate the day of love with how much you love your girls. Instead of sappy love songs, have a dance party with the songs that know who really loves you. After all, the Spice Girls knew what they were singing about when it comes to relationships.

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