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A Fish Out of Water: Lessons from a First Time Tailgater

This weekend I had an opportunity to go tailgating for the first time.  Although I did enjoy myself, there are a few valuable lessons I learned, and some questions you may want to consider if you’re looking to take a walk around before the next big game.

1.       Who are you going with?

Luckily I went with some friends.  However, we were all first timers.  Especially if it’s your first time, consider going with someone whose had past experience, or generally knows what they’re doing.  Doing so will give you a sense of direction, and maybe even open the doors for meeting new people.

2.       What are you hoping to get from the experience?

It’s not that there needs to be a goal, but have some sort of idea as to what you’re wanting to accomplish during this time.  Maybe you just want some free food from an open-to-all tent, or to sit under a personal one with some friends.  Maybe you want to walk by some company tents to get a free water bottle, or even just walk around to see the excitement. Setting out with an idea in mind will help you feel much better after the experience is over if you’ve accomplished it. 

3.       How much time do you need?

I headed out two hours before the game.  All I wanted to do was walk around for the visual experience, but because of this, I left with an hour to spare.  Have a backup plan, like getting food before the game or getting to your seat early.  At the same time, make sure you don’t get so caught up in your new friends that you don’t get where you want to be in time.  Don’t have a strict schedule, but definitely be prepared with a mental time frame depending on what all you want to do.

4.       Are you prepared to have a great time?

No matter what you decide to do during this time, remember to keep an open mind and appreciate every second.  Tailgating as an actual student only lasts so long, and you can only go wrong if you forget to enjoy yourself! 

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