An Evolution of Birthdays While in College

I just celebrated another birthday while in college this weekend, and it got me to thinking about how much my birthday celebrations have changed over the years.

Below is a timeline representing an evolution of birthdays from freshman year to graduation.

Freshman year:

Fresh out of high school, our freshman year birthday reflects that awkward stage in our lives as we celebrate the only way we've been taught how...birthday cake parties with mostly our high school friends.

Sophomore year and before 21st:

We are starting to break out of our comfort zone and now have a little more creativity in how we can celebrate our birthdays. We're still not 21, so no bars, but that doesn't mean we can't do something cool, new and fun like hibachi grill!

21st birthday:

After getting into the bars at midnight, the gif above is supposedly an accurate account of your night according to your friend. Although you don’t remember any of it after about the seventh shot, you believe it was just as awesome as she tells you it was!

22nd birthday:

Over the past year, you’ve realized bars are really expensive, so why go out when you can just throw an awesome house party! The night is still all about you, and bonus: you get to go crash in your bed whenever you feel like it.

23 and onward: the "adult" birthday:

You’re over the bar and party scene and consider yourself a real adult. Now you just prefer to take the classy approach by enjoying a few cocktails or glasses of wine with your best friends. Sure it may still be a bar…but it’s a wine bar!

After a few glasses, however, you’re still young enough, you never know where the night will take you!

Adulting can sometimes be a work in progress! I hope you all enjoy your birthday evolutions as much as I’ve been told I enjoyed mine ; )