Enjoying Your Season of Singleness

Whether you are newly single , or you have been single for a while now, it is never too late to embrace your season of singleness and use your time alone to fall in love with yourself! You start dating, and it seems to be an addiction that never stops, but here are a few ways to love yourself during your singleness. 


Who are YOU?

You! not what your ex liked about you, or what will attract that cutie that sits across from you in chemistry. What are the core things about yourself that make you unique. Who are YOU?  This period will give you the time to find out who God has created you to be, and relying on him will help fix your heart, and make it even more full than it has ever been.

Spiritual Intimacy with God is the better than any physical intimacy.


Quiet Times!

Wake up 30 minutes to an hour early in the mornings to give yourself time in the mornings to start your day in prayer, or meditation in preparation for the day ahead. This is the best way to start your motivation for the day and keep yourself focused on your goals. Reading through Psalms and praying through them is good, or using the ACTS prayer which stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

Write and pray through what you adore about God, Repent any sins, Thank God, and lastly ask God! Depending on your taste, make some coffee or tea for yourself to drink during your quiet time. After you've given yourself enough peaceful time, look at your schedule for the day so you know what to expect!


Guard your heart!

The best way to guard your heart is by speaking truth into your life. For example if your have a crush on someone who has not shown any interest in you.

1-STOP your crazy girl thoughts! Girls are prone to look at a guy and immediately start imagining your future together, how many kids you guys will have and their names will be Eleanor and Zach and..

2-SPEAK TRUTH. You guys are friends. Unless he says otherwise, he has no feelings for you beyond that. As fun as it is to day dream about a guy, that is not helping your heart and it is not fair to your future husband, if a husband is even in the plan God has for you. 

Practicing controlling your thoughts will help your actions be more mature and glorifying to God as well. Your thoughts, affect your heart, and your heart affects your actions. 


Focus on the now!

Focus on being mindful of the moment. That doesn't mean don't have a planner to be prepared for future events. That means don't worry about who your husband will be, because the fact is you are not promised a husband, let alone are your promised tomorrow. Pray for your future husband, but until God has placed him in your life focus on the ways you can make yourself worthy of the type of husband you want. Love the people in your life, and don't take them for granted. Be Intentional with the people in your life. Know what makes each of them happy and go out of your way to be the best friend to them, so they can love you right back! Make Memories with your friends and family. This is your only time you will be this young, you have no bills, no children, no spouse. Don't rush the future. 



Do Things for You!

Do things for yourself! Get lost in a book, Get lost in a hundred books! I've recently started listening to audiobooks as I walk to class and I love it. Go to a workout class, or a yoga class! Listen to music! create playlists for every mood you are in. Buy a camera and take pictures of yourself, of your friends, of nature. Buy a journal and write all your thoughts down, write a story or a poem. Go on a road trip and visit a town you have never been. My last trip was to Aurora, Colorado to visit a friend, and the experience was much needed and the adventure brought so much joy! Take an art class or a religions class.

This is your time to find the things that bring joy to your life. No partner can make you happy all the time. That is a very unrealistic view of relationships. People need to fall in love with themselves before they can ever love another person. Find yourself so you can find the best person to compliment you, NOT Complete you.

All these wordly things are here to compliment you, but God will complete you. - Colossians 2:10